Individuals and Families Accumulating Assets

The challenge:

With their careers firmly on track and their two kids now in school, the couple, in their early 40s, knew it was time to get serious about planning their financial future. Thanks to two incomes, there would likely be enough to help the kids pay for college and to retire comfortably. But how should they be investing that money? Did they have the proper insurance? And who would care for the kids if something happened to them?

How Downing Street helped:

You don't need be millionaire to have a financial planner. Working with the couple on an hourly consultation basis, Bob Morrison created an in-depth financial plan for the couple. He advised them about the best way to invest their 401(k) assets. He provided valuable perspective on balancing retirement saving and college saving. He identified insurance gaps that might jeopardize the family's plans. And he facilitated estate planning with a trusted attorney.

The result:

The clients have more peace of mind that they are on the right path to reach their financial goals and create the life they want. And the couple knows that, should the worst come to pass, their children will be cared for by guardians that they—and not the courts—have chosen.

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