Pre-retirees and Retirees

The challenge:

The couple, in their mid-50s, was excited to be nearing retirement. Yet despite having saved diligently, they were anxious about whether they really had the means to maintain the lifestyle they wanted. What's more, the husband, who was the sole breadwinner, was unsure exactly when he could retire; both he and his wife were concerned by the endless stories in the media about workers needing to delay retirement. The good news: The couple came to Downing Street five years from their expected retirement date—leaving plenty of time to properly prepare.

The plan:

Downing Street's Bob Morrison carefully studied the couple's financial situation and life goals, including retirement, travel, philanthropy and leaving wealth to loved ones. He created a financial plan that included everything from detailed income and expense projections to recommendations on investments, insurance and taxes. He created an investment portfolio geared to the couple's goals and level of risk tolerance. And working with a trusted attorney, he helped the couple draw up an estate plan aimed at transferring assets swiftly and with minimal taxes to their loved ones.

The result:

Downing Street's analysis showed that the couple could indeed afford to retire in their desired timeframe. Thanks to an investment portfolio structured to provide long-term income, they will be able to comfortably meet their goals. And with the proper insurance in place, they know an illness or accident won't dertail their plans. Their game plan firmly in place, the couple is looking forward to the freedom of retirement.

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