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Objective 2

Created on Saturday, 16 July 2011. Posted in Main Content/Wealth Accumulation Life Cycle

... - Saving Today for a Better Tomorrow School fee planning - Give your Children a Headstart in Life Retirement Planning - Secure the Future you Deserve Purchasing property - International ...

Smart Yearend Tax Moves

Created on Friday, 15 July 2011. Posted in Main Content/Downing Street Blog

... jump-starting things by contributing $6,000 to a tax-deferred account. The contribution not only helped the couple get back on track toward meeting their retirement goals, but it enabled them to reduce ...

Staying the Course in Difficult Times

Created on Thursday, 14 July 2011. Posted in Main Content/Downing Street Blog

... had an average annual return of 9.1%. If an average mutual fund investor had started with $10,000 two decades ago, he would have had $21,084 by the end of last year. The equivalent S&P 500 result, ...

When to Take Social Security?

Created on Wednesday, 13 July 2011. Posted in Main Content/Downing Street Blog

... when and how to start tapping your benefits. Doing so can help you wind up with thousands of dollars more over your lifetime. The "full retirement age" is 66 today, which is up from 65 about a decade ...

How can I do due diligence on Downing Street?

Created on Friday, 03 June 2011. Posted in Main Content/faq

... good place to start. A Form ADV, which all advisors are required to file with the Securities and Exchange Commission, contains information about qualifications and disclosures of any conflicts of interest. ...

Retirement Planning

Created on Thursday, 02 June 2011. Posted in Main Content/services

... you near retirement, we work with you to create a retirement budget. We also create a plan that allows you to start drawing retirement income in a safe, conservative manner. Proper planning and wise investing: ...

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