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Pre-retirees and Retirees

The challenge:

The couple, in their mid-50s, was excited to be nearing retirement. Yet despite having saved diligently, they were anxious about whether they really had the means to maintain the lifestyle they wanted. What's more, the husband, who was the sole breadwinner, was unsure exactly when he could retire; both he and his wife were concerned by the endless stories in the media about workers needing to delay retirement. The good news: The couple came to Downing Street five years from their expected retirement date—leaving plenty of time to properly prepare.

The plan:

Downing Street's Bob Morrison carefully studied the couple's financial situation and life goals, including retirement, travel, philanthropy and leaving wealth to loved ones. He created a financial plan that included everything from detailed income and expense projections to recommendations on investments, insurance and taxes. He created an investment portfolio geared to the couple's goals and level of risk tolerance. And working with a trusted attorney, he helped the couple draw up an estate plan aimed at transferring assets swiftly and with minimal taxes to their loved ones.

The result:

Downing Street's analysis showed that the couple could indeed afford to retire in their desired timeframe. Thanks to an investment portfolio structured to provide long-term income, they will be able to comfortably meet their goals. And with the proper insurance in place, they know an illness or accident won't dertail their plans. Their game plan firmly in place, the couple is looking forward to the freedom of retirement.

Individuals and Families Accumulating Assets

The challenge:

With their careers firmly on track and their two kids now in school, the couple, in their early 40s, knew it was time to get serious about planning their financial future. Thanks to two incomes, there would likely be enough to help the kids pay for college and to retire comfortably. But how should they be investing that money? Did they have the proper insurance? And who would care for the kids if something happened to them?

How Downing Street helped:

You don't need be millionaire to have a financial planner. Working with the couple on an hourly consultation basis, Bob Morrison created an in-depth financial plan for the couple. He advised them about the best way to invest their 401(k) assets. He provided valuable perspective on balancing retirement saving and college saving. He identified insurance gaps that might jeopardize the family's plans. And he facilitated estate planning with a trusted attorney.

The result:

The clients have more peace of mind that they are on the right path to reach their financial goals and create the life they want. And the couple knows that, should the worst come to pass, their children will be cared for by guardians that they—and not the courts—have chosen.

Women in Transition

The challenge:

A couple's future had been thrown into doubt by the husband's Alzheimer's diagnosis at age 61. The wife's concerns were twofold: She needed to know that their investment portfolio was being well managed, in order to ensure long-term financial security. And she needed to carry out critical estate-planning tasks, including updating their beneficiaries and establishing medical directives.

How Downing Street helped:

An analysis of the couple's investment portfolio, which her husband had managed, revealed a haphazard mix of investments and an overall approach that was far too aggressive for a mature couple. We constructed a diversified portfolio, one designed to lower the risk of big losses and help ensure the clients' financial security.

We also brought in an estate planning attorney to update the couple's will and establish a trust so that the couple's assets can be passed easily to their heirs. Documents were drawn up to ensure that the couple's financial and healthcare decisions will be carried out according to their wishes.

Finally, we reviewed all their insurance to make sure all their policies were up to date and provided adequate coverage. Adding an umbrella life insurance policy helped to protect their financial future against unforeseen risks.

The result:

As millions of Americans know, living with Alzheimer's is never easy. This couple and their family will certainly face their share of challenges. But their future financial well being is now thoroughly mapped out and provided for. And that means they have invaluable peace of mind.

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